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My Pets


My Pets


National Champion Sport Horse Mare Open and ATHReserve National Champion Sport Horse Mare ATHLegion of MastersLegion of Supreme HonorLegion of ExcellenceMulti National Top Ten/ Multi Regional ChampionChampionships and Reserves in Six Divisions in Class A showsShown in Amateur divisions by SabrinaShown in Open division by Katie Showers of Rohara ArabiansIvory Arabians has a selection of fine Arabian bloodstock available.


My Pets

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In loving memory


 WGSDCA  Multi National Best of Opposite,

Multi National Select One / WWKC Grand Champion /

IABCA Welt Schonheits Champion /



5 all breed Best in Shows, 71 Best of Breed,28 Group Ones


Other dogs, past and present, owned and/or bred by Ivory Kennels:

       Shaveh’s Shyra V. Ivory

WGSDCA Grand Victrix, National Select 1, National Best of Opposite

IABCA Ehren Champion in Silver / CKC International Champion / WGSDCA and ARBA Champion / Group winner  

(Bred by Linda Bowles)


Ivory’s Ariadne

WGSDCA Grand Victrix, National Select One, National BOS


Multi Champion Ivory’s Alshain


Multi Champion / National Select Two

Ivory’s Astria


Multi Champion Ivory’s Sirion Al Suhail



Ivory’s Elgee (George)



WGSDCA Altered Champion Arwen Evenstar of Ivory


IABCA National and International Champion /

WGSDCA  Stock Dog Champion

Ro-ann’s Flashdance

(Black and Tan Bred by Anne Utter)


Marion County Sheriff’s K-9 Garth

Owned and handled by Deputy Butch Gallion


Jeremiah Goodfellow- (co-breeder Gloria Dalton) Search and Rescue dog,

made 911 recoveries at the Fresh Kills landfill site

NJ Veterinary Asso. Hall of Fame Hero Dog

American Red Cross North NJ Chapter Hero Dog of the Year

Owned by Sue Lavoie


 WWKC Champion Ivory’s Isaiah of Garilin

High Score in Trials / CD/ WWKC CD/ TT/ CGC


And just for love:

Aurrora, Galadriel, Dream

Ivory Kennels occasionally offers white and white-factored black and tan German Shepherds to excellent homes and loving hearts