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My Music


She was born of starlight.

Created by a forgotten race so powerful they were as gods themselves, she walked alone through the stellar voids. She breathed the winds created by the passing of distant galaxies, drew strength from ancient quasars and rode the waves of energy spawned by the explosions of dying stars. Her body shimmered, translucent and silver, and her voice harmonized with the music of the spheres.

She could only skirt the outer reaches of the star systems she passed, for the force and heat of their suns burned her delicate body and mind. But there came a time when she danced too closely to a star, drawn by a calling she had never felt before…

He swam in the solar vortices, golden and splendid. Created by the same race as she eons ago, he swam on the surface of the churning sun, riding the solar flares on the backs of the fire dragons which dwelt there with him. He surfed the great arches, sustained by their energies, never going too deeply into his sun, but never able to leave it. His body was made of its light, his song was that of its deep ringing, his breath was its solar wind.

She hung beyond the reach of the heat of his sun, watching him, loving him. Yet he could never see her, for the solar radiance outshone her gentle silver shimmer.

Then there came a time when he rode a fire dragon on a solar flare which streamed too far from his sun, and he saw her against the silver and sable of space. He moved toward her, entranced by her beauty. His life force caused her own to stream out behind her like a comet’s tail in the eternal night. Their longing shone between them, yet he could not stay so far from his sun and she could go no closer. They had been created so differently—one from the silver of the stars, and the other from the gold of the sun.

And yet, was not the sun a star?

“Take me to you,” she said. “And before I burn away, dive into the depths of your star. And in this way, we will merge together, our souls as one until it ceases to shine. And even then, its death throes will cast our souls into the universe itself and we will live on as one forever among my stars.”

He gathered her to him and she cried out as his brilliant essence burned into her, surrounding her, filling her with his love. Their song of triumph burst across the heavens as they plunged deep into his sun, joined together forever by its fire.

The scarlet  dragons called out, their cries echoing across a planet circling the sun. And during a northern night those who lived there dreamed of a woman formed of starlight and of the man who blazed forever with her love.  

Written, performed and sung by Sabrina